Changing children’s lives through locally-led action

Changing the lives of Tamariki through locally-led action

We’re an alliance of locally-grown organisations working in our communities for a better today and a better tomorrow.

Local action, global change

 As organisations rooted in our local communities, we have a rich and unique understanding of the contexts in which we work. We are a vital resource for children and families and are able to work closely with the most marginalised and vulnerable, holding crucial knowledge about how to address the inequalities and violations they face. Hover your curser over the map’s orange markers to see our member organisations around the world.

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Family Matters September 2023

Family Matters September 2023

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Supporting LBGTQIA+ Children and Families in the USA, featuring Amara

Supporting LBGTQIA+ Children and Families in the USA, featuring Amara

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The bridge to belonging

The bridge to belonging

In focus this month:

Tick 4 Kids in Aotearoa New Zealand

In New Zealand, we’ve been working with other organisations on this year’s Tick 4 Kids campaign – a movement designed to engage both voters and national election candidates on what needs to be done to improve life for children and young people in Aotearoa.

As a collective of organisations committed to improving children’s rights and outcomes, we work together to gain political commitments to improve the lives of children and whānau, and hold parties accountable once in power.

Family for Every Child, together with our partners, came together to contribute to Tick 4 Kids and put urgent asks to political parties on what needs to happen to improve Aotearoa’s care and protection system. Learn more and access the scorecards to inform your vote below. 


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We’re on the New Zealand streets

Please keep an eye out for our incredible fundraising teams! They are hitting the streets of Aotearoa New Zealand letting people know how they can help more tamariki around the world grow up feeling safe and loved.