About us

We are a global alliance of local organisations working on the front line with children and families in need.

Our vision is a world in which children and families everywhere have access to the support they need to survive and thrive.

We make that happen through direct support, research, knowledge exchange, humanitarian responses and campaigning for rights.

The power of locally-led action

People like us, working in local civil society, collectively support millions of children and families around the globe.

As organisations rooted in our local communities, we have a rich and unique understanding of the contexts in which we work. We are a vital resource for children and families and are able to work closely with the most marginalised and vulnerable, holding crucial knowledge about how to address the inequalities and violations they face.

But as small, locally-grown organisations, we often lack the powerful voice we need to make change happen at a bigger scale.

By bringing our local organisations together as aunited global alliance, we also act as a united voice for change. That means that finally, people like us – who are working on the front line with children and families every day – can make ourselves heard by those who hold the power, transforming lives everywhere.

Our story

The thriving alliance we have formed today was once a traditional charity headquartered in the UK, that worked with partner organisations abroad. After realising that truly transformational change for children and families would only happen if it was driven by those living in the communities we served, we set off on a journey to shake up the way we worked and radically rethink the international aid sector.

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