How we work

We deliver direct support to children and families, as well as undertaking research, knowledge exchange, humanitarian responses and campaigning.

All this is underpinned by a radical new model for making truly sustainable global change happen, driven by powerful and dynamic local leadership.

Our pathways to change

We deliver direct support relating to education, psychological wellbeing, domestic violence, children living without adult care, children on the move, sexual violence, children in conflict with the law, child labour, foster care, kinship care, adoption and much more.

Through research, we gather and analyse evidence to discover and develop better ways to help children and families to live well.

Through knowledge exchange, we maximise the reach of solutions that have been shown to work so they can be used to support even more children and families.

Through humanitarian responses, we deliver vital aid to children and families in crisis.

Through campaigning, we influence and inspire others to take action for children and families worldwide.

Shifting the power

We believe that sustainable impact can only happen when responsibility for that impact is driven by local organisations. As a united global alliance of local organisations, our model radically rethinks traditional NGO ways of working, enabling this to happen effectively. The way we work shifts the power to local people, meaning we can take charge of our own communities’ futures. 

Uniting under one banner means that can demonstrate the scale of our collective impact as local practitioners, leading to an increased legitimacy when advocating for the change we want to see at the levels we couldn’t previously access as individual local organisations. This model increases our power to influence, amplifying our locally-informed voices so we can meaningfully participate in international decision-making that affects children and families in our own communities.

Who we are

What we do

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