Our model

Family for Every Child’s model is unique. By coming together as a unified network of local organisations working on children’s care and protection, we achieve so much more than we could individually. Here are just some of the ways that the way we work helps us to make a bigger impact.

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Led from the front

Our Board is made up of a diverse group of people, many of whom work on the front line with children and families in the countries where they live. This means our strategic direction is set by those with first-hand experience of what children and families really need, without being bound by decisions from a head office overseas.

Powered by local wisdom

Because we are an alliance of local people with intimate knowledge of the context in which we live and work, we bring valuable insight to the table about what children and families need and what will help them to thrive. This means that the projects we deliver are truly tailored to each country and culture in which we operate.

Globally impactful

Individually, we all make change happen in our local communities. And collectively, as an alliance, we touch the lives of tens of thousands of children and families. By coming together as one, we speak as a united voice, representing the diverse ideas and wisdom of local people leading the way.

Harnessing networked power

By working as a network, we deliver collaborative projects that deliver impact and change at a larger scale than we could do separately. These include global campaigns and advocacy, international research and pilot programmes to achieve change in multiple countries – and we share what we learn even more widely so others can benefit from it too.

Agile and efficient

Because we are local organisations leading change around the world, our team that supports us to work together is relatively small. We connect online, and have no physical offices. This light and agile team exists to accompany and support us to develop our own capacities and grow the alliance, enabling us to achieve global impact whilst remaining efficient.