Who we are

We are a global alliance of 43 local organisations working in 37 countries to improve the lives of children and families in need.

Local action, global change

 As organisations rooted in our local communities, we have a rich and unique understanding of the contexts in which we work. We are a vital resource for children and families and are able to work closely with the most marginalised and vulnerable, holding crucial knowledge about how to address the inequalities and violations they face.

Our Board

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People who work in their communities with children and families lead our Board, which makes key decisions on our strategic direction and goals. 

Having a locally-led Board means that our alliance is truly driven forward by the needs of children and families in diverse contexts around the world, amplifying voices of those who are often marginalised in global development discussions.

Our Secretariat

Our Secretariat is a global team that supports our alliance to achieve our goals.

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About us

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How we work

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Work with us

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