Applying for a role: Frequently asked questions

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Why haven’t I received an acknowledgement of my application?

When you click ‘submit’ on the application form, you will see a page saying that your application has been submitted.  You will not receive a separate acknowledgement. Your responses will be emailed to you.

I’m having technical difficulties completing the application form
  • It’s best if you write your long responses in Word and then copy and paste them into the form so that you don’t lose your work if you have a technical problem. 
  • The total length of your text (over all responses) might be too long. Google Forms has an overall word limit (which is not known).  Candidates who face this problem have often attempted to copy and paste a long CV into the form. If you have done this, please rewrite your employment history more concisely. 
  • If you have submitted your form twice by mistake, don’t worry, the most recent version will be used for shortlisting.  
  • Try using a different browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc). 
  • Try using a computer, not a tablet or smartphone.
Why haven’t I heard from you about my application?

We receive a lot of applications, and we cannot respond individually to all candidates.  If you do not hear from us, a few days after the deadline, please assume that you have not been shortlisted.

Why haven’t I been invited for an interview?

We shortlist based on the essential and desirable criteria listed in the job description. Your application must show clearly how you meet all the essential criteria, and if there are a lot of applicants, the desirable criteria too.  You might feel that you meet all the criteria, but if it is not clear to the shortlisting panel, you will not be invited to an interview.

I do not live in any of the countries listed, but I am a national of one of the countries. However, I do have the right to work where I live. Can I apply?

No. Your employment is based on where you live, not on which country you are a national of. For example, if the job is based in the UK, and you are British, but you live in Spain, you cannot apply. If you intend to move to one of the listed countries before your start date, then you can apply.

Why can’t Family employ me in the country I live in?

It depends on the country. In many countries, it is impossible to employ staff except through a registered entity.  Family has registered entities in the UK, New Zealand and the US. In some countries it is possible to employ people without a registered entity, however this may be cost-prohibitive, especially if we do not already have an arrangement set up. In addition, Family makes practical decisions, in order to ensure that the time zones of relevant colleagues are compatible.

I am not based in any one country, I move around during the year. Can Family employ me?

For legal and tax purposes, all staff need to be employed in one particular country, where they have the right to work on a permanent basis.  This must be the country where the employee spends most of their working time (usually a minimum of six months a year). Once employed, with the agreement of HR, staff may spend time working from other countries on a short-term basis as long as they have the appropriate set up wherever they are working from.

Can I volunteer for Family or one of Family’s member organisations?

Family does not offer any volunteer opportunities. 

If you are interested in volunteering for one of Family’s member organisations, please contact that member directly.  However please note that Family and our members believe that short term volunteers and voluntourism can be harmful for children’s emotional and psychological development.  Please see for more details.

Does Family offer internships?

Family does not offer internships; paid or unpaid, although we occasionally support placement opportunities through universities.

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