Country: Lebanon
Founded: 2001

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Supporting refugee communities, protecting children

Naba’a supports children at risk of violence and neglect in refugee camps and marginalised villages, across Lebanon.

They work to empower local communities so that they can uphold the rights of children and young people; enabling them to play an active and healthy role within their society. They envision a society built on respect of human rights and one in which individuals are able to take control of the decisions affecting their lives.

Naba’a is the Chair of the MANARA Network, a regional alliance which brings together NGOs in the Middle East and North Africa working on child rights.

The recent influx of Syrian refugees is adding to the daily challenges experienced by children and families living in the camps.


Naba’a targets key policy makers and service providers who are responsible for the Palestinian communities living in Lebanon to uphold the rights of Palestinian children and to be accountable for providing appropriate services.

The approach is a mixture of development and emergency response, and they are one of the only organisations working on child protection within Palestinian refugee camps. Naba’a implements community-based projects in six Palestinian refugee camps in Tripoli, Saida and Tyre that are home to more than 130,000 people, and surrounding deprived areas.

Naba’a supports children and young people who are at risk of dropping out of school and living in particularly hard circumstances; helping them to realise their potential through training, awareness raising and capacity building.

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