Programma integra

Country: Italy
Founded: 2005

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A social cooperative supporting migrants and refugees

Programma integra is a social cooperative whose purpose is to activate and support the processes of social integration of migrants and refugees, including children. They do this in order to support sustainable pathways to autonomy, and contribute to the wellbeing and development of the community. They offer a range of services for unaccompanied minors and refugee children, including social and legal counselling, job orientation, vocational training, Italian language courses, intercultural and social mediation, and entrepreneurial support.

Programme integra brings additional expertise to Family for Every Child related to supporting children on the move. They both help enable children to grow up in safe and caring families, and support children outside of adult care through their interventions aimed at facilitating full participation and social, economic and cultural inclusion of refugees and migrants. They are also starting to work with other excluded groups across Italy.


Programma integra believes that working in silos in social work is not effective. Instead, Civil Society Organisations must take a collaborative, systems-view to tackle issues. Programma integra work to achieve their mission through the design of social inclusion paths, and promoting collaboration, knowledge and innovation across the sector. They also provide technical assistance to -other organizations and public bodies in the design, management, monitoring and reporting of innovative social inclusion interventions for migrants and refugees. Finally, they seek to involve the community in the challenge of integration, through awareness raising activities.

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