Children's Stories

Children on the move often lack an outlet to make their voice heard – and no-one’s listening anyway.

We want to change that.

Explore stories from children on the move below.

Surviving a shipwreck: Nadia’s story

Tricked into child slavery: Kweku’s story

Overcoming the effects of conflict: Valeria’s story

A family reunited: Veronica’s story

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  • Displaced people: Why are more people fleeing home than ever before? --- via @BBCNews #childhoodonthemove

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  • For #childrenonthemove, staying out of harm's way isn't always an option. Learn more at

    1 day ago

  • RT @B329Leadership: We are featuring the work of @FFEveryChild again this week. Students are telling us that they are inspired by the work…

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