The time to act is now

In different ways, everyone can play a part in preventing childhood from being stolen. These are our demands.

Face up

Millions of children are living with no fixed home. Millions of childhoods are being lost. Millions of futures damaged.

This is a global scandal.

Unless those with the power to make change stop averting their gaze from this crisis, things will continue to get worse.

It’s time to push the agenda for these children who are being ignored.

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Look wider, look deeper

We can’t solve a problem until we understand it.

Right now, too little is known about how many children are moving, why they are moving, where to, and how.

They don’t have a voice, and no-one’s listening anyway.

The scale of the issue means the time for change has come. Redefining the challenge is needed. Debate is needed. Research is needed. We’re calling on governments, funders, researchers and NGOs to lead on this.

It’s time to take a broader view, then go deeper.

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Take Action

Action needs to be taken to given children on the move their childhood back.

Action to support children whilst moving. Action to support them to settle, or reintegrate into communities of origin. Action for those moving within borders as well as those moving across them.

Governments, funders and NGOs can all play a part in making these actions happen.

These actions are all dependent on individual contexts, but examples of models that work can be found across the world. By sharing them, analysing them, and helping others to learn from and adapt them, we can make change happen more quickly.

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