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Family for Every Child is made up of 36 member organisations from 33 countries across the world, united by our common vision of a world where every child can grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family.

Our members around the world are already working to support children on the move in diverse ways. Explore their work below.

A mobile school that supports children on the move

The mantra of the Mobile Education Programme, run by our member in India, Butterflies, is: “If the children cannot come to the school, let us take the school to them”. Under the Mobile Education Programme, the Chalta Firta School (Mobile Learning Centre) has brought the school to the children’s doorstep. This has been particularly important…

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Bambú: A model for helping children to recover from conflict

Colombia has experienced decades of internal conflict between the government and armed groups. This conflict has involved children in different ways. Some have been forced to flee from their homes and communities, whilst others have been recruited as child soldiers. For children who escape these conflict-heavy environments, the effects can last a lifetime. Our Colombian…

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Empowering communities to fight child trafficking

Family for Every Child’s member organisation in Ethiopia, FSCE, is making great strides in tackling child trafficking in Ethiopia. One way they are doing this is by equipping community members at key transport hubs with what they need to effectively intercept traffickers at these key locations, so children’s lives take a dramatic turn for the…

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A Rwandan model for reintegrating children into their communities

Children separated from their families can be at a higher risk of dangerous situations and adverse life outcomes; but reintegrating children who return to their communities or families of origin also needs to be approached carefully in order for it to be successful in the long term. Uyisenga ni Imanzi, the Family for Every Child…

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PhotoVoice: Enabling children on the move to participate fully in evaluation of services

PhotoVoice is a way for children to express their feelings and stories in a way that can help services and organisations to understand more fully the impact they have had on their lives. Following this, the organisation is able to learn about what is working in the way they support children, as well as being…

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