Children living on the street

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Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration

These Guidelines are intended to help governments, donors, NGOs, faith-based organisations and practitioners working in a broad range of circumstances to make the right choices for separated children regarding reintegration. Download



Why Family Matters to Me

Digital storytelling uses storytelling methods to gain deep insights into feelings and experiences. In this report, participants create individual stories about aspects of their own lives using still images and sound. Stories range from the positive aspects of family life to physical abuse neglect or exploitation, which led in some cases to children running away from home to a life on the streets. Download



Who Cares?

The importance of children being well cared for in families is widely recognised in global policies and guidance. Yet there is a lack of discussion and agreement about the precise components of this care; elements that are universal and those that are culturally or contextually specific. This report contributes to debates on this important topic by providing perspectives from nearly 200 children and over 80 adults from Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. Download



Schools that care: A review of linkages between children’s education and care

This report argues that children’s rights to education and care are inextricably linked, with a loss of adequate care commonly pushing children out of school, and education systems having the potential to help prevent unnecessary family separation, abuse and neglect. Download



Caring for Boys Affected by Sexual Violence

This study explores both sexual abuse experienced by boys, including sexual exploitation, as well as harmful sexual behaviour of boys; referred to collectively as sexual violence. Download



Research on factors surrounding the family reintegration of street girls in Kinshasa, DRC

This research looks at addressing the needs of street-connected girls, including family reintegration. Download



Going Home: Children’s reintegration in Mexico, Moldova and Nepal

Children who have been trafficked, separated by conflict, who are living on the streets or/and in alternative care suffer devastating and long-term consequences. This report compares three countries to learn more about approaches to reintegration. Download



Reaching for home
Global learning on family reintegration in low and lower-middle income countries. Download

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