Blog #1: Being there when it matters most

5 Jun, 2024

Above: image provided by our “Ukraine Children in Crisis” appeal partners Every Child.

Being there when it matters most

We’re kicking off our 10-year anniversary celebrations with an update on something that we are really proud of: Family’s rapid response in times of crisis. Thanks to our global community’s unwavering support, we have been able to extend a helping hand during pivotal, heartbreaking and traumatic moments in the lives of children and families.

From the aftermath of Beirut’s 2020 explosion, to the impact of Covid-19, to the Turkey earthquake, Ukraine war, and the current conflict in the Middle East – you’ve helped us deliver vital resources, aid and psychosocial support. Over the years, our emergency appeals have raised a combined sum of over £170,000, giving us the ability to meet the greatest need, almost immediately.

Our unique model plays an important role in making this work.We’re not outsiders being ‘parachuted in’. Instead, as an alliance of local, grassroots civil society organisations, we we are already deeply embedded in the communities we serve, meaning that we know where aid is most needed and are able to get it there fast.

There are big plans ahead for our humanitarian work, too; including our new Frontline Fund. This new initiative establishes a permanent reserve of emergency funds, enabling us to respond even faster to unforeseen crises when they happen. Our supporters’ continued contributions will ensure that we can be there when it matters most. Take a look at the Frontline Fund to learn more about our new innovative approach to emergency aid.

We want to thank you, to our global alliance, as well as our community of generous supporters for being the driving forces behind a decade of impactful emergency responses. Together, we will continue to make a lasting difference.

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Family For Every Child’s impactful work supports the lives of over 23,000 children annually. By joining our global network of changemakers together, we are continuing to foster meaningful change led from the ground up.

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