Blog #2: How we lead change from the front

5 Jun, 2024

Above: image from a gathering of some of our alliance members in Nairobi

How we lead change for children from the front

We believe that the people who are already part of a community are the best-placed to impact change within it. That’s why our alliance is made up of locally-grown, grassroots organisations who are doing just that – changing the lives of children and families in their individual contexts for the better.

The number of change maker organisations in our global network has grown from from 15 to 47 in the last ten years. By exchanging knowledge, sharing experiences, ideas and collaborating through the Family alliance, our members are providing mutual support to each other.

Each member organisation has invaluable knowledge of the challenges that marginalised, vulnerable children and families are facing in their context. They know what change is needed and how to achieve it;because they are already part of these communities. Through our model, we are learning and growing together, increasing our collective impact many times over. We combine our collective knowledge to successfully change legislation, strengthen professional practice and improve services, ultimately giving more children the opportunity to thrive.

Each member of Family has an influence that reaches beyond borders, thanks to our collaborative resources, such as our ‘How We Care’ resources, designed to share local insights of successful practice with global audiences. Or, tune into our ‘Conversations on Care’ podcasts for engaging chats with experts, sharing their local know-how with the world. And check out ‘Changemakers for Children’, our interactive online platform with over 5,000 members – a vibrant, international community that is collectively working towards positive change for children and families.

This community is looked after by our Movement Building Officer Filipe Mereilles – see what he has to say about the essence of his work below.

Become part of the movement!

Family For Every Child’s impactful work supports the lives of over 23,000 children annually. By joining our global network of changemakers together, we are continuing to foster meaningful change led from the ground up.

Every single donation makes this work possible. Join our community. 

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