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Dear readers,

There are events in life for which we feel like we can prepare. There are steps we can take towards building a better future. But then, there are things that happen that are so unpredictable, that all we can do is try and recover when they do. 

February’s earthquake on the Turkey-Syria border is one of these events. Prior to the crisis, there were 14,000 children in institutional care in Turkey, awaiting placement in foster care, this number will now have increased exponentially

Although none of us could have seen this disaster coming, I’m pleased to share with you that we have been able to respond fast. On page X, you can read about how we’ve been working with our member organisation Hayat Sende in Turkey to provide direct aid and on-the-ground-support to families and orphaned children in Turkey. Thank you for your regular donations, which help strengthen our alliance’s ability to respond swiftly when needed most.

Elsewhere in the issue, you can hear about the work we’re doing in the UK to support children affected by trauma, how we’re giving survivors of sexual abuse the confidence to speak out in Colombia, and how we’re helping young people to fight for their rights in Guatemala. At times of crisis, we can lose hope – but projects like these can help us stay positive, too.

Yours in gratitude,

Rita Panicker

Chair of the Board


News in brief

Here, you can read about some of the latest news from the Family alliance – who are the new members? Where can you read our research? When were the big events?

Turkey appeal update

Read about our latest emergency appeal, which is still providing important humanitarian aid to children and families in Turkey. 

Leaving a lasting legacy

Many of Family’s loyal supporters decide to deepen their impact for many years to come. Find out how you can be a changemaker for the children of today, and tomorrow.

Amplifying voices of migration in Guatemala

Each year, the safety of a significant number of young people are at risk as they travel unaccompanied between Central America, Mexico and the USA.

Out of the shadows

We’ve been supporting young people affected by sexual abuse to campaign for better prevention and recovery programmes. But this work hasn’t only helped them to make themselves heard…

Supporting children to overcome trauma

One of our UK-based members is The Mulberry Bush, which provides residential therapeutic care and education for children who have experienced significant trauma.

You can still help in Turkey!

Our Turkey Earthquake Appeal is still underway, and our member organisation still need support to provide on-the-ground aid to children and families.