The Family Frontline Fund

Support children in emergencies,
be the first at the scene with us.

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Emergencies are increasing in scale and impact around the world, fuelled by conflict, inequality and climate change.

Any child on this planet could find themselves in a humanitarian crisis within seconds, and we’re ready to help them through the Family Frontline Fund.

Around 1 in 4 children (535 million) are living in countries affected by conflict or disaster.

Innocent children’s lives and wellbeing are threatened by sudden emergencies all the time, and we have local changemakers on the ground, ready to help them. That’s because our model is different to that of many other global charities.

We are uniquely placed to activate an aid strategy within hours of any disaster.

About Family For Every Child

As an alliance of 47 organisations in 38 countries,  we already have the global network to make an urgent response happen. We are local organisations, who have intimate knowledge of the cultures and the context in which we operate.

Our point of difference

We DON’T waste valuable time or donor’s funds on taking our team to the emergency’s location – our partner organisations of local experts are already there now.

The funds from our giving community go directly to our established members, and the children and families who need support most, led by experts that best understand the needs of the children impacted.

It’s the most effective and tailored way to respond to humanitarian crises.

Every minute counts

In emergencies, it is critical to reach the impacted children and families as quickly as possible. Every single minute counts, and we’re equipped to act almost instantly.

Your support will help desperate, frightened children and their families caught up in humanitarian crises, when their rights, their livelihoods, and future is threatened and uprooted.


Your donation will give a helping hand to local actors and care professionals who already work in these emergency settings, to aid their communities. Disaster could strike any day, so let’s be prepared. Donate today.