Friday, 28 Nov 2014

Gaining confidence from each other

At the end of October I was pleased to join five other members of Family at JUCONI Mexico’s Community of Practice where we explored how we might strengthen our work with children and families affected by family violence.


I believe that it was beneficial to all, as it facilitated an exchange of expertise through discussions between us members. It is worth noting that the discussions that took place during breaks also had a positive effect, whether in relation to strengthening relationships between the members or in relation to the exchange of expertise.

Perhaps the greatest benefit, from my point of view, was characterised by the field visits. These were to the places where children gather and to the families that JUCONI works with directly.


Naturally, the discussions and field visits were closely related to the nature of the work undertaken here at Hope Village Society. Personally, I have a strong interest in how other countries face the same problems that our society suffers from. During the field visits I did not feel that there was a very big difference between the families that we visited in Mexico and some of the families here in Egypt – particularly, in relation to economic and social aspects.

Observing the expertise used in other countries and confirming that the same methods we use are also utilised by them in tackling the same problems, affirms that our work is following the correct course (of course every society has its own set of particular circumstances). Consequently, new methods are devised as a result of gaining confidence in the fact that we are on the right path.

In other news

A large number of the children we work with are involved in the Egyptian Choir Project, which will be taking part in the Science Festival celebrations in Egypt on the 21 December.

We are also working to complete the Hope Village Academy of Sports and Arts. The Society is working on forming a girl’s football teamand a sports day is being organised for the children in conjunction with Al Ahly Sporting Club (one of the most famous Egyptian clubs and the only one to have recently won the Confederation Cup). We are also preparing for a Sports Festival in cooperation with the Ministry for Youth and Sports.

We are almost ready to open our new reception centre in Giza for young street mothers [link to previous blog]. Almost all the procedures are complete now and we are awaiting the agreement of the relevant government department to begin implementation.

Hopes for 2015

God willing, we aim to add sports and arts as main pillars in the rehabilitation of the children. We also aim to organise an annual sports league between all the organisations working with children.

We further aim to complete the building of the largest centre for the psychological rehabilitation of children.

It is also our ambition that new legislation is passed for the protection of children, particularly those at risk. We are also hopeful that the attempts of the Hope Village Society are to be recorded in writing, so that they may be a guiding light and a point of reference to other organisations that wish to work in the same field.

Member: Hope Village Society, JUCONI