16 April 2024 is Blue Umbrella Day!

16 Apr, 2024

16 April: Today is Blue Umbrella Day

Join Us in Protecting Boys from Sexual Violence

16 April marks a pivotal moment in Family For Every Child’s global effort to protect children against sexual violence. On this day, and all throughout April, we are joined by organisations in 25 different countries in an  international advocacy campaign called Blue Umbrella Day 2024.

This is our biggest campaign to date and shines a critical light on an often-overlooked crisis — sexual violence against boys.

Disturbingly, global statistics reveal that 1 in 13 boys suffer from sexual abuse, with countless more subjected to exploitation and exposure to harmful sexual content. The effects of such abuse are profound, deeply impacting not only the survivors’ mental and physical health but also the well-being of communities at large.

The journey to Blue Umbrella Day was significantly shaped by the “Caring for Boys” research conducted from 2018 to 2021 across seven countries. This extensive study laid the groundwork for the campaign, highlighting the urgent need for focused action to support boys who have faced sexual violence.

Your action is critical

  • A gap in awareness: there’s a global deficiency in awareness and data regarding the sexual abuse of boys, leading to systemic neglect and trivialisation of their suffering.
  • Challenges in reporting: social norms and damaging stereotypes hinder boys from reporting abuse, often leaving their trauma unrecognised.
  • Specialised services are scarce: boys’ access to support services is limited. Many existing services are tailored primarily to girls, underscoring the need for specialised care.
  • Legal protection lacks uniformity: disparities in legal protection for boys across different countries highlight an urgent need for global legal reform.

How you can help today

  • Download our Participation Pack: Find out how you can contribute to raising awareness and supporting the cause.
  • Organise or Participate in an Event: Every action counts, from small local gatherings to virtual events.
  • Spread the Word: Use the hashtag #BlueUmbrellaDay to share your support and raise awareness on social media.

Led by Family for Every Child and its member organisations, Blue Umbrella Day on April 16 stands as a beacon of hope and action. With its reach now spanning 25 countries, the campaign is a call to arms for global and local communities to unite in combating sexual violence toward boys.

Rajiv Roy, Senior Programme Advisor at Family for Every Child, emphasises the significance of today:

“Rooted in the crucial ‘Caring for Boys’ study, Blue Umbrella Day has blossomed into a global movement spotlighting the critical issue of sexual violence against boys. Today, our collective resolve is more robust than ever, pushing us to amplify our efforts and secure a safer world for all children. There is a pressing need to protect boys from sexual violence, and it starts with us, here and now.”

We invite individuals and organisations worldwide to join today’s campaign. By visiting www.blueumbrelladay.org, you can become part of a transformative movement dedicated to making a substantial difference for boys across the globe.

Every effort you make today contributes to protecting boys from sexual violence. Let’s work together to ensure every child is safe, respected, and free from harm. 

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