5 ways you’re making us stronger

5 Nov, 2020

1. Supporting local experts

Our members are all based in the communities in which they work, so we’re driven by what works in their contexts and cultures. It means that instead of trying to come up with ideas for change in a remote head office, your support goes to helping our members develop ideas where they’re going to be used. For us, it’s simple; the people who best know what’s needed, are the ones working with children and families every single day.

2. Helping us shout louder

We’ve got decades of combined experience, so we’ve got a thing or two to say about what children and families need. When we come together as one, we can make others pay attention. Your support helps us to influence the powerful forces shaping our world through campaigns and advocacy, and doing it together amplifies our message. See our United For Boys campaign for an example.


3. Enabling learning without borders

With each new member that joins us, we gain valuable knowledge and expertise that can benefit us all. From working with survivors of armed conflict to providing art therapy, from suicide prevention to supporting families to thrive; we can often find the ideas we need through our partners in the Alliance.

Your support helps us to create opportunities to share it amongst all of us; whether it’s through collaborative projects, webinars, or publishing best practice.


4. Providing 21st-century connectivity

We harness technology and have built an agile team who all work remotely, so we can keep our impact high and our costs low. We’re connected wherever we are, even though we don’t have any offices – meaning more of your money can be invested where it matters most.


5. Contributing to the global conversation through in-depth research

As individual organisations, we wouldn’t always have the time or people we need to do intensive research, but together, we can share resources and make it happen. Our joint research helps us get right to the heart of issues that affect children’s and families’ lives. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow. It helps us to help each other, and by sharing what we’ve learnt publicly, it makes a wider impact, too.


Thank you for helping us to change the world for children and families. To learn more about donating, visit our donation page.

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