On the first day of the meeting, which was hosted by CINDI, the Steering Committee elected the new Board.

The elected Board Members are:

  • Alison Lane, Juconi;
  • Claudia Cabral, Associação Brasileira Terra dos Homens;
  • Chaste Uwihoreye, Uyisenga Ni Imanzi;
  • James Kofi Annan, Challenging Heights;
  • Omattie Madray, ChildLinK.
  • Rita Panicker, Butterflies

Rekha Nathoo, Director of the CINDI Network, was chosen as the first President. Rekha’s experience as the Director of an established network of child care organisations will be invaluable to the development of Family.

I am honoured to be President. I look forward to further learning, working with the Secretariat more closely. I am proud of the group, Family is clearly a great idea.” – Rekha Nathoo, Family President

The new board immediately got to work on decision-making processes that now involve both the elected Board and the full Members of Family. This was followed by discussions on the changes Family is undergoing, on the role of external relations for the organisation and the next steps in increasing Family’s membership.

This is an exciting time in a changing development sector and the members of Family are proud to be part of this unique and pioneering journey.

The uniqueness of Family is that it is a genuine member-led alliance. It’s a valuable opportunity to come together to work on the same goals and really make a difference.” – Meena Enawalla, CFAB

Changes are already happening. For example, Muhammadiyah explained that their recent push for deinstitutionalisation has been enhanced by their membership of Family. CFAB also shared positive changes in the way that they work with children.

It was a highlight event in our four year history of building Family together” – Amanda Griffith, Family for Every Child

The members and the Secretariat are now looking forward to the start of Family’s three-year strategic plan and to make a real and lasting impact in the lives of children all over the world.