Black Lives Matter

16 Jun, 2020

At Family for Every Child, we believe that strength is borne from unity. From finding a common goal and from making change happen together. We actively value diversity of race, ethnicity and colour.

Sometimes this united strength comes up against the united strength of others and this causes conflict. When this happens, it’s necessary to choose where you will align yourself in ways that align with your values.

At Family for Every Child, that means we align ourselves by saying that Black Lives Matter.

Shifting the Power

Being structured in a way that fosters true equality is at the heart of everything that we do. This is reflected in a diverse Board, made up of members from around the world who decide on our organisational priorities. Working in this way helps to shift the power away from long held centres of privilege that are some-times seen in traditional NGOs. All our members are on an equal footing.

Of course, there is still more we could do and we are committed to addressing systemic racism over the long term by continuing to ensure every aspect of our organisation reflects the global community we seek to serve. We will do this by having an intentional anti racist approach to our new organisational strategy that we are in the process of developing.

This world belongs to all of us and we must keep working to ensure that we all have a chance to flourish equally. We wish for strength and power for everyone personally affected by systemic racism.

You are not alone. We are fighting with you.

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