“Children are isolating alone after their parents have died” – India’s Covid crisis

11 May, 2021

India has reached the grim milestone of a quarter of a million deaths from Covid-19. The country is in crisis mode, with overwhelmed hospitals, a lack of oxygen, beds, and other necessities.

Families are being torn apart by this surge in cases. Children are losing parents and caregivers to the virus, leaving many without a home or anyone to care for them. Other families are surviving, but at the risk of malnutrition as lockdowns affect their income and food supplies.

One of our Changemakers in Delhi, Rita, says, “We are getting calls on our Childline from children left alone at home after their parents have been admitted to hospital. They need food and emotional support. In some cases, the parents have passed away and the children are alone at home, isolating with the virus.”

In West Bengal, frontline worker Deep is busy providing food for children and families who usually subsist by begging at railway stations. Without people on the streets, they are at risk of starvation, as well as the virus.

What we’re doing

As local, frontline professionals working with children and families, we’re doing everything we can to help.

We are working every day to provide food to Covid patients, critical support to children living alone, PPE kits and hygiene supplies to workers, and indoor play activities for children who are struggling emotionally during this difficult time.

Help Indian families now

Please donate today to provide food, medical supplies and other essential support to families in India and the region.

All donations received will go directly to critical front line support, provided by people like Rita and Deep.

Donate now via JustGiving at justgiving.com/campaign/IndiaCovid-19FFEC.

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