The United Nations Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict has adopted this approach to documenting situations, in which alleged violations of international standards for the protection of children affected by conflict, considered to be of such seriousness as to be made the concern of the international community.

The report covers the period January to December 2016 and is presented in compliance with the provisions of resolution 2225 (2015) of the United Nations Security Council, and preceding resolutions to monitor and report on six grave violations of children’s rights: recruitment and use of children; killing and maiming; rape and sexual violence in conflict; attacks on schools and hospitals; abduction of children; denial of humanitarian access.

It provides a series of recommendations to states and governments of the countries in focus. The different armed actors are encouraged to comply with associated protection measures for children and families.

The report highlights trends in the impact of armed conflicts on children and provides information about the violations committed in 2016 and related protection issues. To the extent possible the violations are attributed to the corresponding parties to armed conflicts and, in accordance with Council resolutions, a list of the parties that recruit children in contravention of international law is included in the annexes to the report.

The United Nations has verified the accuracy of all the information provided in the report. In cases where the ability to obtain or verify information was limited, by factors such as insecurity or access restrictions, this is stated. In this regard, the information contained in the report is merely indicative and does not always fully represent the acts committed in 2016. In addition, in 2016 some incidents in particular cases of recruitment and use of children, kidnapping, and sexual violence were verified, which could have started before this period of the report.

As an international network committed to the protection of children of children and their right to have a family we endorse this report and welcome its recommendations. Such efforts are critical to achieving Family for Every Child’s vision that all children grow up in permanent, safe and caring family. This includes the prevention of children having to live outside of any adult care, and in the interim protecting these girls and boys.

Family for Every Child welcomes efforts to address the care and protection situations of children affected by grave violations of their rights around the world, including efforts to reintegrate them into family and community life.