COVID-19 Update

25 Mar, 2020

To our Donors: Thank you for your critical support

Many of us are struggling to come to terms with the evolving impact of Coronavirus. And, at Family, our 40 member organisations around the world are no exception.

The situation is critically impacting their vital work being done on the front-line and beyond.

Thank you for helping them to keep on fighting.

We represent 40 organisations around the world, from India – where street children likely lack access to soap and water even in ‘normal’ times – to Greece, Turkey and Lebanon, where refugees are packed into camps where the advice to ‘shelter in place’ simply won’t work.

To date much of the news has focused on China and then subsequently the impact on Europe. And yet we are facing a ticking time bomb, in other parts of the world and communities without strong health systems or economies, who are far less able to withstand the shock of the pandemic.

The Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate, but the support to combat it is not equal.

Our 40 children’s organisations operate on tight budgets already, and are now facing an unprecedented demand for services as well as an economic downturn. Your gift is crucial in helping us keep their support going.

In the event that you are able to donate additional funds at this crucial time, and would like to do so, please visit our donate page today.

Now more than ever we are all recognising the importance of family to provide care, support and protection; and yet not every child has a family or home to protect them and for others their family is not a safe space.

Thank you for helping us to support these 40 organisations to keep doing what they are doing to support children and families around the world.


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