Dialogue for Peace in Colombia

27 Feb, 2020

Family supported a week of events in Colombia titled ‘Intergenerational and Intercultural Dialogue for the Construction of Peace and the Right to the Truth’ organised by Taller de Vida and their partner organisation Madre. Family members CONACMI (Guatemala) and Children’s Assistance Programme (Liberia) joined the week and shared in the exchange of experiences of peace building within countries and communities that have faced socio-political violence.

The focus was on the inclusion of the voices of children, young people, women and girls from indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities in the country to share their experiences of living with armed conflict and to demand change, playing an active role in the peace process.

These voices have been brought by Taller de Vida to the Truth

Commission – the body responsible for documenting and acknowledging human rights violations committed during the conflict- and during the week, on the ‘Day of the Red Hands’, a report which is composed of the voices of children and young people, was delivered to the Truth Commission.

“Expression through art is the best way to keep children away from war” — this was the sentiment expressed by young people who took part in the events.


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About Tick 4 Kids

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