Family for Every Child statement on the conflict in Ukraine

25 Feb, 2022

Family for Every Child condemns the military action in Ukraine, which puts the lives of millions of children and families in immediate danger. We are already seeing reports of citizens fleeing the conflict, and this forced displacement of children and families will plunge those affected into life on the move, leading to an inevitable surge in urgent requirements of support for basic needs including food, shelter and medical assistance.

We strongly support the call of the UN Secretary-General for an immediate ceasefire, and urge all actors to protect children from harm. Alongside this, it is essential that those providing aid services – including both local civil society actors and international organisations – are able to do so in a safe and controlled manner.

Family for Every Child CEO, Amanda Griffith, states:

“Children on the move are highly vulnerable to grave infringements upon their human rights. This can include loss of adult care, a lack of shelter or medical attention, and disruption or loss of access to education. The effects of these can last a lifetime, and as a result, a peaceful resolution is vital.

“Around 100,000 children are in institutional care in the Ukraine. This is one of the highest populations in the world, and it is crucial that measures are taken to ensure their safety.

“It is crucial that European countries provide a safe haven to those fleeing the war in Ukraine, in a comprehensive scheme which welcomes refugees who need sanctuary.”

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About Tick 4 Kids

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