How We Care is launched! By practitioners, for practitioners

6 Jul, 2020

How We Care is a new initiative from Family for Every Child which aims to shine a light on outstanding programmes and projects delivered by Family’s Members across the globe.

Family believes that by sharing practitioner knowledge, practice can be strengthened globally, which will contribute to our vision of a world where every child grows up in a safe and caring family.

How We Care will introduce new, themed multimedia content three times a year, which will be complemented by live online events and panel discussions. Themes are explored using video, the written word, illustration and discussion, with detailed explanation about how Members have developed their practice. Our hope is that practitioners will benefit from the learning and exchange generated by How We Care materials and events and apply it to their own contexts where appropriate.

All materials have initially been produced in English and Spanish.

The first theme is the Prevention of Sexual Violence, with a focus upon child sexual abuse. Here we present work from our Members (1) Butterflies in India, (2) Paicabi in Chile and (3) CPTCSA (The Center for Prevention and Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse), from the Philippines.

  • Butterflies’ storybook ‘You Love Me, You Love Me Not’ is aimed at children aged 9-13. The book presents different situations in which children could be abused, through telling the stories of five children. Butterflies staff take the storybook into schools  to speak to children on the subject of child sexual abuse.
  • Paicabi’s ‘Guide to the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse’ is aimed at parents and those who work with children aged 6-11. Through its booklet and accompanying workshops, Paicabi generates a conversation about child sexual abuse in schools and in the wider community.
  • CPTCSA’s ‘Personal Safety Lessons’ programme for 4-18s is used in schools, homes and churches across the Philippines. The lessons cover a variety of topics including vocabulary, safety rules about private body parts, understanding emotions, assertiveness, using support systems and more. In 2009 a government mandate decreed that personal safety lessons should take place in all schools.

A second series, on the theme Psychosocial support for children and families during COVID-19, is currently coming online through July. A Children on the Move series will be released in November 2020.

Two How We Care live events will take place in July:

  • How to provide psychosocial support during Covid-19 will take place on Thursday 16 July from 3-4pm GMT. This event is now full, but the recording will be posted on the How We Care website after the event.
  • International approaches to the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse will take place on Thursday 23 July, 12-1pm GMT. Sign up here.

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