USK is an independent national non-profit NGO based in Nairobi, Kenya. USK works to improve the lives of children and youth living and working on the street in Nairobi and its close-by area. They have also expanded their reach to work in other areas of Kenya.

We in Undugu are excited to be part of this formidable global team working for the rights of children and youth all over the world. We may all come from different backgrounds but children’s issues are similar, the world over. That is why we are confident that we stand to gain a lot in interacting and sharing experiences with the rest of the world.” – Celina Ogutu, Executive Director, USK

Their projects include:

  • Rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration;
  • Education & Training;
  • Community empowerement;
  • Peer education and Health Programmes.

The photo above depicts one of USK’s extra-curricular activities during which children perform song and dance in one of the four schools run by USK.