As a global alliance of local civil society organisations, we have developed, and are committed to adhering to, a full set of robust policies including a child safeguarding policy with a strict code of conduct, a complaints policy and a whistle blowing policy. These apply to both our staff and our member organisations. All our members sign the charter when they join, which ensures their commitment and adherence to these values, standards and policies. We are also members of the global Keeping Children Safe network, and adhere to their policies and standards of best practice.

We recently commissioned an audit of our members’ child safeguarding policies. As a result of which, we are working with our members to implement any necessary improvements in their safeguarding policies and practices, addressing both prevention and protection.

Child safeguarding, and protection of vulnerable adults from exploitation, requires constant vigilance, transparency and a commitment to continual improvement. As a learning organisation, and an alliance in which our members hold each other to account, we are well placed to deliver on this commitment.