Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019

United for Boys grabs attention in the Philippines

This August, an impressive 75 individuals from the Philippine government, justice system and civil society organisations committed to tackling sexual violence affecting boys; thanks to Family member organisation CPTCSA

They signed up to our United For Boys Charter at a highly successful launch event for CPTCSA’s research into boys and sexual violence in the country. 

Sexual violence affecting boys is a hidden issue, and this is the first such study of its kind in the Philippines. The research, supported by Family for Every Child, gives us an insight into boys’ experiences of sexual violence, as well as shedding light on the most effective ways to tackle it in the future. It is hoped that organisations across the Philippines will be able to build on the research findings to create a brighter future for boys across the country.

Those who attended the event were able to hear first-hand why change is so important, thanks to two young men who spoke out about their experiences of being sexually abused in their past. Their honesty and bravery brought this taboo topic out of the shadows. 

Following this, attendees were then invited to sign the Charter publicly. Every person in attendance chose to do so. 

In signing the United For Boys Charter, organisations make six commitments that will improve the situation regarding sexual violence affecting boys. Once they have signed up, Family for Every Child offers support to make these changes a reality. 

Organisations who signed up to the United For Boys Charter in the Philippines include the Department of Education, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the Regional Trial Court and the Bureau of Corrections as well as a range of other organisations working with children. 

Amanda Griffith, CEO of Family for Every Child, said: 

“CPTCSA’s work in the Philippines is an example of our unique alliance model in action. Our members are the experts in what works locally, and CPTCSA have shown this by building on our global campaign to capture the imagination of people in their country. It’s a testament to their hard work that they have been able to get so many other influential people to join us in making change happen.”

These organisations now join our worldwide network of over 150 signatories, meaning that we’re in a better position than ever to keep fighting for change for children and families everywhere – because together, we’re stronger.


If you would like to join our network of organisations committed to tackling sexual violence affecting boys, visit familyforeverychild.org/unitedforboys to learn more and to sign up. 

Our work to make change happen worldwide is made possible by the generosity of our donors around the world. If you would like to become a donor, please visit familyforeverychild.org/donate. Thank you.

Topic: Sexual Violence