Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Webinar on Juconi’s therapeutic approach

Listen in to our webinar with Alison Lane and Cynthia Villegas Canto from Juconi, Mexico, as they discuss the benefits of a therapeutic approach and how they apply it.
The webinar was recorded on 2 May 2013. Please feel free to get in touch with centroderecursos@juconi.org.mx if you have any questions about the webinar.

The webinar involves three presentations. After each presentation there are questions and answers from the webinar participants.

  • Section 1: What a therapeutic approach is, and why Juconi applies it in their work
  • Section 2: A case example to illustrate what we mean by a therapeutic approach/process
  • Section 3: What is required in terms of resources/skills/environment to apply a therapeutic approach

Member: JUCONI      Topic: Family Strengthening