Supporting children and families in emergency situations (Ukraine conflict 2022)


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Today’s podcast is the first episode related to the topic of providing support in emergencies. In light of the current conflict in Ukraine, Family for Every Child members are sharing their experiences of supporting vulnerable children and families in emergency situations in the hope that they will be a useful resource for those practitioners directly involved in responding to the current situation in Ukraine and other on-going emergencies around the world.

Family for Every Child’s CEO, Amanda Griffith, is joined by Pinelopi Roufopoulou, Psychologist at METAdrasi – Action for Migration and Development, in Greece, in Southern Europe. Since 2009 METAdrasi has worked to facilitate the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Greece.

They discuss the practical ways that METAdrasi supports unaccompanied minors arriving in Greece, how they address the psychological impact of conflict on children and young people and how recruiting and training the right staff is essential for this work.


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