Keeping Violetta's family together.

Our Mexican member JUCONI have a pioneering approach to working with families. They support parents, equipping them with coping strategies to reduce violence on the home.
Meet Violetta and her children Jessica and Antonio...

"Before my mum was very angry all the time. She didn't hug us and it made me very sad. Now she does and I like it that my mum is happy." Jessica, Violetta's daughter

JUCONI first met Violetta when she was pregnant and juggling oranges at traffic lights to earn money. When Violetta was pregnant with her second child, she was working as a cashier in a shop and was accused of fraud. JUCONI describe her subsequent arrest and conviction as unjust, and that she was framed by the company owner. She served four years in prison.
Violetta told us, “My son was only one month old when I was taken to prison. It was a very difficult time for me; I was very depressed. My mum kept the links between me and my children when I was in prison, but sometimes it was difficult for them to know who their mother was.”

When Violetta left prison, JUCONI provided family therapy sessions. This included guided playtime with her children where interactions between a family are recorded and played back to the parent as a learning tool. From this, they can see the caring ways they are interacting with their children and areas they can improve on.

“Before, the kids used to say that I didn’t want to go out or do things with them. Now we spend time together and life is so much better. The best thing is that I have my children back, my ‘two little skinnies’ and we are together. Now I want to finish high school  and go to University, maybe to work in law.”

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