Shreya’s story

Shreya* is 16 and lives in Delhi with her four brothers and both her parents. She is the first person in her family to get an education at school, and has trained as a Health Educator with our member Butterflies as part of the Child Health education programme. Shreya has attended the Butterflies Street Programme for three years, which is close to where she lives with her family in an informal urban settlement.

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Who is part of your family?

My brothers and my parents. My father used to work as a security guard, although he had an accident which meant he could no longer work. Now one of my older brothers works and helps us out.

What makes your family special?

In my family we have a saying that makes us very special. We always say “Everyone should support one another, stay together and work together to help one another”. This is what I try to do every day.

Tell us about something that makes you happy?

I really like learning – and my favourite subjects are Dance, Sport, Science and also learning English!

What do you think is important for other children to know?

It is very important for children to know how to keep safe and know when something isn’t ok, and also how to defend yourself. I learned about this with Butterflies and have told my friends about it too.

What is your dream for the future?

Since I trained as a health educator I have learned a lot about health and I have been able to share all this learning with people in my community. I feel like I can help people now and I would like to become a doctor in the future.

Since 1995, Family for Every Child member ‘Butterflies’ has been running the Child Health Cooperative, for street-associated and working children where they discuss their health problems and chalk out strategies to combat health problems. 67 Child Health Educators have addressed 1,011 medical cases, and 129 children have been vaccinated against typhoid and tetanus.

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*The name in this interview has been changed for confidentiality.

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