Donate to honour somebody’s memory

A beautiful way to celebrate and honour somebody who has passed on is to make a donation on their behalf, in memory of the impact that they have had on this world.

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Image provided by our member FSCE based in Ethiopia.

Why make a donation in memory of somebody?

The people that we love leave a lasting impression on our lives. Often, we want to see their legacy and their memory live on. A beautiful way to celebrate and honour somebody who has passed on is to make a donation on their behalf, in memory of the impact that they have had on this world.

This ensures that their generous spirit outlives them, and continues to change the lives of vulnerable children and families for the better. 

 A gift in memory of a special person can be made at any point, simply click the button below to be redirected to our donation page. To share your donation with their family, you can download and print a digital card to share.  

How your loved one’s memory lives on

could help feed a family with two children, displaced in an emergency situation, for up to ten days.

could help provide a child who has had to flee their home country with ongoing psychological trauma support.

could help provide a displaced child with everything needed to re-integrate them into a safe community.

How it works

Our digital tribute cards (which you can download below) include a sample message to accompany your donation in honour of your loved one. We recommend that you either share this digitally via email once you’ve donated, or you can print it and gift it to the family of your loved one as well.

You can extend on this postcard with a written letter or email as best fits your circumstance. If you’re struggling to find the right words, we’ve created a sample message for you below.

Finding the right words

Finding the right words in times of grief and loss is incredibly hard. To help you sum up your in memorandum donation, and the intention behind this gift, we’ve drafted a letter for you. 

Dear <<enter name here>>

We are sending our deepest condolences. <<name of your loved one>> will forever be in our hearts and we are thinking of you during this difficult time.

To honour <<enter name here>>’s generous spirit and the incredible impact that their love had on all of our lives, we’ve made a charitable donation in their name to Family For Every Child, a global network of organisations who work together to keep vulnerable children connected with safe and caring families.

Globally, Family For Every Child reach over 23,000 children every year, and ultimately, are working for a world where no child has to grow up without a family to keep them safe. Through their network of organisations in 38 countries, they manage to transform lives with locally led action, empowering organisations who best understand their cultural context to change lives for the better.

We feel that <<enter name here>> would be glad to know that their legacy lives on to help vulnerable children in need.

With our love, <<sign here>>  

Of course, this is just one way in which you can express your condolences and the reason for a donation to honour somebody’s life.

We’re also happy to help you along the way, just contact our Supporter Care team below ..

Drawing by Chathunui, Sri Lanka (sourced through our member FISD)

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