Taking Action for Tamariki in Aotearoa

This election year, we’re advocating for changes to improve the care and protection system – and you can join us! Learn more about involvement in the Tick 4 Kids initiative and how you can take action below.

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Make your vote a Tick 4 Kids: Care & protection scorecards out today!

Family for Every Child and our partners came together to put urgent asks to political parties on what needs to happen to improve Aotearoa’s care and protection system. Each party’s responses are available in the following scorecard, so you can see where they stand and how you can make your vote a tick 4 kids this election.

Care and Protection FINAL

You’re invited: Reimagining New Zealand’s Care System

Join us for a virtual discussion on the urgent need to address challenges within New Zealand’s care system and work towards better outcomes for all tamariki and rangatahi. This event will focus on crucial commitments, policies, and practices required to improve outcomes for children who are unable to live in their home of origin, and the actions supporters and allies can take to support these.

Coming soon: Virtual hikoi to parliament

Family for Every Child’s Virtual Gallery is dedicated to the voices of children and young people from around the world, exploring the issues that affect them and their care. We’re excited to collaborate with VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai to support the “You Promised… Now Deliver!” campaign, and develop a gallery that highlights children and young people’s perspectives on care in Aotearoa via a virtual hikoi to parliament.

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