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From sharing a story on social media to making a donation, there are a range of ways to take action against sexual violence affecting boys.

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Do you want to play a part in breaking down the cultural barriers that stop boys from identifying, coming forward and seeking help after becoming victims of sexual violence?

There are things you can do:

  • Give your friends and family an opportunity to learn more about the issue by sharing this page
  • Start a conversation about what is needed to better support male survivors of sexual abuse in your networks
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and keep an eye out for more updates on the campaign
  • Support our work with a donation.

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About the Campaign

With an estimated 1 in 6 boys worldwide affected by sexual violence, it’s time for us to break the silence on this devastating issue. Our research, undertaken with our member organisations around the world, has given us unique insight into the challenge – and how to tackle it.
About the Campaign

Stories and Articles

Our member organisations around the world have extensive experience in working with boys affected by sexual violence.
Stories and Articles

The Charter

We’re calling out for brave organisations who are willing to commit to changing the situation regarding sexual violence affecting boys.
The Charter

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