Associação Brasileira Terra dos Homens

Country: Brazil
Established: 1996

Preventing family separation in Brazil

Associação Brasileira Terra dos Homens (ABTH) works with children and families in violent situations to prevent separation and provide a continuum of care options, including reintegration support, temporary foster care, and institutional reform.

Approximately 80% of children in institutions in Brazil have some sort of recoverable family bond. Specializing in a holistic, well tested, systemic approach, ABTH works directly with children and families.



Through capacity building and advocating for change at the local, national and international levels, ABTH works to ensure that every child in Brazil is able to fully develop with the support of their communities and families.

In this way foster care becomes a potentially preventative measure creating a protective environment for keeping children with their families; if the original family has a great deal of work and the parents need a break, foster care can relieve the pressure temporarily.

ABTH also provides psychosocial support to families in some of the most violent communities in Brazil. They aim to demonstrate that intervention with children at an early age from violent urban communities can contribute to a process of relationship transformation.


We cannot provide good foster care if we don’t know how to work with the original families in violent contexts, if they are not considered as a part of the intervention from the very beginning.

Claudia Cabral, ABTH

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