Children Assistance Program

Country: Liberia
Established: 1991

Promoting the rights of women and children

Children Assistance Program (CAP) advocates for the rights of women and children in Liberia. Its mission is to rehabilitate the lives of Liberia’s war affected children and youth towards sustainable futures.

Through its services, CAP creates access to a safe living environment and sustainable and equal opportunities for women, youth and children in Liberia. CAP is one of the largest and oldest local child protection agencies in the country.

Services that CAP provides include, emergency relief, education, health, youth participation and promotion of child rights.


As part of their Early Childhood Development Programme, CAP runs a school for 300 pupils between the ages of 2 – 12. In addition to providing education, the school also ensures that children’s nutritional, psychological and developmental needs are met.

CAP also supports young women to become Early Childhood Development teaching assistants and childminders. The training programme aims to increase the employment opportunities for 60 teenage girls and young women and also helps the students to develop business skills so they can start their own business.

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