Children In Distress Network

Country: South Africa
Established: 1996

Enhancing services and responses to children in distress

CINDI was founded in July 1996 as a multi-sectoral network of over 300 South African civil society and government agencies (non-governmental organisations, community based organisations, faith based organisations, local and regional government departments).

CINDI champions the rights of vulnerable children and their families by bringing together this strong, diverse network of local organisations to implement a wide range of effective and sustainable programmes for vulnerable children, in particular those affected by HIV/AIDS in the province of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).



CINDI creates opportunities for networking, collaboration, research and advocacy by mobilising resources and providing access to information, and by building the capacity of its members to advance the rights of vulnerable children and their families.

Sustaining a dynamic and well-resourced network in KZN will lead to the improvement of the services accessible to children as well as better response to children’s issues.


Our goal is to enable vulnerable children and their care-givers to access their rights all over South Africa.

Rekha Nathoo, Director

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