Country: New Zealand
Established: 1998

The right help at the right time in the right way

Each year, many children and young people in New Zealand are emotionally impacted by events that cause significant change, loss or grief in their lives.

Children and young people’s loss and grief can impact their later lives considerably; affecting learning, social interactions, health, self-esteem, future relationships and life choices. Significant loss is very often evident in the backgrounds of youth involved in substance abuse, youth offending or suicide.

Skylight responds to this by supporting children, young people, their families, whānau, and friends to navigate through times of trauma, loss, and grief by building resilience.


With over 20 years’ experience of delivering trauma-informed and resilience-building services, Skylight offers counselling, group workshops, professional training and specialist resources to those who are impacted by any kind of grief, throughout New Zealand. 

Skylight’s family-centred approach means that when working with children, their parents or caregivers and family members are included in the counselling process, as appropriate.

Skylight is building and expanding its services through the delivery of a digital strategy with the development of its Resilience Hub. Recently launched, The Hub is an accessible source of information and resources, enabling those from diverse and vulnerable backgrounds, people who are isolated (whether physically or socially) and at-risk individuals and groups, to find ways to get the right help at the right time in the right way.

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