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Country: USA
Established: 1987

Opening doors to opportunity


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Southwest Key is committed to keeping children out of institutions and at home with their families, in their communities. They do this, serving young people and their families in seven states across the U.S.,  through three programme areas: youth justice alternatives, immigrant children’s shelters, and education.

Because of Southwest Key, thousands of youth have been diverted from prisons and institutions. Immigrant children have been reunified with their families. Children at risk of dropping out have stayed in school. And adults have been equipped to provide for their families.


Unaccompanied children enter the United States every year from countries all over the world. Some to escape extreme violence in their home countries; some are trafficked into the country. Some come to work, others to escape physical abuse and desperate poverty.

Southwest Key are one of the largest providers of services to unaccompanied children in the USA, sheltering immigrant children under 18 years of age who arrive without a parent or guardian.

Southwest Key honour and respect individual cultures and traditions and provide humanitarian services in a nurturing and homelike environment. During their stay in a shelter, children receive educational, counselling, legal, and case-management services on site while awaiting the resolution of their legal case. The average stay in Southwest Key’s shelters is about a month as arrangements are made to either reunite the youth with relatives living in the United States or back in their home country.

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