Our team is led by our CEO and Senior Management Team:

Amanda Griffith

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda is in charge of leading the Secretariat so that it implements our strategic direction as laid out by the Board. She is responsible for the management decisions made in consultation with all members.

Amanda has over 35 years of experience of working with vulnerable and marginalised children and young people and 16 years of experience at Director and Chief Executive level. Before joining Family, Amanda held several leading positions at Save the Children and was Director of Programmes at EveryChild. Throughout her career, Amanda has led research and published extensively, including for the European Commission, the German Government and the World Economic Forum. She has worked with the UK Government in policy forums in the development of white papers on youth and social exclusion and with the European Commission on equality and diversity.

Hugh Salmon

Head of Alliance Development

Hugh leads the team that supports our members in their joint work on advocacy, research and the development of policy and practice. He is also responsible for facilitating the wider participation of members, including sharing knowledge and learning, and welcoming and introducing new members to the wider network.

Hugh is a qualified, experienced Social Worker, and has worked for 20 years in a wide range of countries to provide and manage technical support for partners providing child protection, family support and alternative care services for children.

Laurie Smith

Head of Strategy and Organisational Performance

Laurie leads on the development and implementation of our strategy. He supports our members, trustees and secretariat in developing a dynamic and impactful network.

Laurie joined our team in 2014 and brings 7 years of experience working on organisational strategy and performance in the non-profit sector.

Nia Marshall

Senior Global Human Resources Partner

Nia leads on both our strategic and operational HR aspects, supporting our global Secretariat staff with all employment and wellbeing matters.

Nia is an experienced HR professional having run her own HR consultancy for 15 years with a background in change management; leading, supporting and improving the way organisations invest in their people.