Blue Umbrella Day 2022: Raising awareness of sexual violence affecting boys

12 Apr, 2022

At Family for Every Child, we believe it’s possible to create a world in which all children are better protected from sexual violence – whatever their gender. As part of our commitment to making this happen, we are organising our second annual Blue Umbrella Day – an international campaign that raises awareness of sexual violence against boys – on April 16th.

On Blue Umbrella Day 2022, we’re running activities around the world. From radio programmes in Ghana to social media campaigns in Guyana, our global alliance of local practitioners will be taking action in their communities to make change happen for children and families.

Why focus on boys?

All children must be protected against sexual violence, but there are vital differences in the needs of children depending on their gender. We have observed a particularly stark lack of information and services that cater to boys – something which Blue Umbrella Day sets out to change.

In each country, the campaign will focus on specific issues to the local context; but all of our work also promotes three vital key messages:

  • Boys need adult care and protection too
  • Boys can be victims of sexual violence
  • Being a ‘real man’ means being kind to yourself and others

Where we’re marking Blue Umbrella Day 2022

This year, we’re taking local action for Blue Umbrella Day in the following countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guyana, India, Liberia, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Zimbabwe. To get involved with any of these national activities, visit

Get involved

There are two ways to get involved with Blue Umbrella Day 2022.

Firstly, you can get involved with our programme of events. Visit to learn more.

Secondly, you can follow what we’re doing via our social media channels, and share our posts to help us spread the word. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn where we’ll be posting live throughout the day.

Want to learn more? Visit today.

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