Children changing their lives with their stories

30 Jun, 2014

No one speaks about children’s experiences better than children themselves.

This week sees the launch of our Digital Storytelling project, aimed at allowing children from seven countries to share with the world their concept of “family”, through stories, images and drawings.

Digital Storytelling is a great way to amplify children’s voices: children feel encouraged to speak about issues that affect them every day, and to share their dreams and desire for change in their lives.

At Family, we believe that children must participate in decisions that will have an impact on their lives. They choose which stories they want to tell and these stories will then feed into our advocacy activities. This guides change, ensuring that children are given the improved care and protection that they deserve.

The project starts today in St Petersburg, Russia and will be implemented with Hope Village Society (Egypt), ChildLinK (Guyana), Undugu Society of Kenya, Butteflies (India), Juconi Mexico, CINDI (South Africa) and P4EC Russia. Additional training will take place in Brazil in September for members from Brazil.

We believe that children deserve a voice. This project follows on from our consultations with children on their priorities for the post-2015 agenda.

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