Preventing domestic violence against children during COVID-19: A practitioner’s toolkit


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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed children at a higher risk of abuse and violence at home with domestic and gender-based violence increasing around the world. This has had both immediate and longterm consequences for children.

Alliance members strengthened and adapted their service delivery to provide vital support in the changed circumstances. This Toolkit uses their experiences and lessons learned to guide practitioners to support children and families to prevent domestic violence from affecting children. With specific resources focused on prevention and response, a variety of practices from around the world are given here, to encourage cross-learning and exchange and to generate new learning across the alliance and beyond. It includes guidance for practitioners on the application of the practices and the critical factors to be taken into account when supporting children in this context, such as having trauma-informed capacities.

Members involved

Association for Community Development, Children Assistance Program, ChildLinK, Children in Distress Network, CONACMI, Centre for Services and Information on Disability, Farm Orphans’ Support Network, Foundation for Innovative Sustainable Development, JUCONI, Praajak

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