Coronavirus appeal

Coronavirus is causing poverty, homelessness, and hunger. Today, children and families need us more than ever. That’s why we’ve launched our Coronavirus Emergency Response Programme. We desperately need your support to continue and expand this vital work.

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What we’re doing

Right now, we’re helping children through this crisis by:

  • Providing 700 meals a day to feed street children through this crisis in India
  • Providing homeless refugee children in Greece with temporary homes and online education
  • Disinfecting homes for the poorest families in Lebanon
  • Providing food for travelling families in India
  • Equipping shelters for trafficked children with protective masks and sanitiser in Ethiopia

100% of fund donations go to frontline support.

How your gift could help

£20 could provide 40kg of rice, to help 8 families

£50 could provide hand wash for 100 families

£100 could provide phone credit for a team of virtual doctors for a month