Association BAYTI

Country: Morocco
Founded: 1995
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Founded in 1995, BAYTI, “my house”, my “home,” is a recognized Moroccan NGO of public utility working for children in difficult situations in Morocco.

BAYTI’s work focuses on:

  • The prevention of exclusion, violence and exploitation
  • The physical, social and legal protection of children
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • School and family reintegration
  • Internal continuing education and training of other staff associations
  • Advocacy for the promotion and defense of children’s rights

Their family reintegration includes: family mediation, long-term process, psychological support with families, supervised family visits – with the ultimate focus being relationship building.

BAYTI have been successful in changing the law on the minimum age for domestic workers to 16 years – they continue to advocate for this to be raised to 18 and to ensure implementation of the law. BAYTI are identifying key sending locations and working to raise awareness and support to families to prevent them sending the girls into domestic work.


BAYTI trains young people in life and employability skills. They deliver basic needs services for those children in their residential care. They work on challenging social norms through public awareness raising and legislation/policy change. BAYTI learns from other organisations nationally, regionally and internationally and pilot new approaches (i.e. farm residential centres). 

BAYTI’s approach includes:

  • Taking into account the best interests of the child
  • Non-discrimination
  • The right to survival / life and development
  • Taking into account the views of the child and their right to participation

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